Total of 15 papers are included for podium presentation
Duration of Talk should be 8 min+2min discussion

Presentation should include
  • Title, Authors, Presenting Author, Institution, Phone No. & Email ID
  • Title: To be complete, relevant, including relevant statistical terminology
  • Introduction- To contain Background and Aims
  • Methods- To mention study design, ethical committee permission, patient consent, duration of study, inclusion-exclusion criteria, sample size calculation based on power of study, randomization techniques, statistical test including p values, test of comparison and version of software used, primary and secondary study criteria clearly defined, definitions of grades, scoring systems, confounding variables and limitation, if any rescue technique or drugs
  • Results : to be informative
  • Conclusion : brief and relevant
  • References: relevant references.

e-Poster presentation:

  • Orientation: vertical.
  • Format: JPG file (full HD)
  • A3 size (11.693x 16.535 inches)
  • Hue: color

Submit the digital Format of the poster latest by 25th August 2017 to avoid disqualification.

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